Police, Poverty, and Criminal Justice Reform

Poverty. Crime. Segregation. Fear. Politics.  Fellow libertarians, let’s never forget that it is not for us that we work to change the system.  It is for those among our fellow Americans who are even more greatly victimized.

Criminal Justice

America’s criminal justice system is a heavy-handed, overbearing, illiberal, authoritarian, government-imposed criminal justice system set up by the majority of Americans at the expense of the civil rights of other Americans

the truth about crime and poverty

A police officer’s view on the game of poverty played by politicians.

the gold new deal and police reform

Libertarian police reform activist John Paff supports the Gold New Deal and the Mike ter Maat campaign for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination.

If You Believe in Police Reform, Vote Libertarian in Florida's CD 20

On the other hand, if you prefer either the status quo or less safety, you can vote for a Republican or a Democrat.

For Decriminalization and Reform, Vote Libertarian in Florida's CD 20

We should no longer be in the business of criminalizing the behavior of consenting adults or letting police employers hide behind the doctrine of qualified immunity.

Reform Criminal Justice & the War on Poverty, Vote Libertarian in Florida’s CD 20

Police officers are natural allies in the fight to reform our justice system and the War on Poverty.

Market-Driven Police Reform

Local politicians’ must become more willing to negotiate for better performance, greater control, and more transparency.


A pro-market approach to improving police culture is the only long-term solution to reforming the business of law enforcement.

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