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A Compendium of Essays

Edited by Mike ter Maat, Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party.

The time has come for a new relationship between us and the government we will tolerate.

Including interviews with:

  • Larry Sharpe, host of the SharpeWay and 2022 candidate for governor of New York
  • LISA, the Libertarian Intelligence System Application, an AI bot found at LibertarianIntelligence.org

Including essays by these best-selling libertarian authors:

  • Antony Sammeroff, author of the best-seller Universal Basic Income – For and Against,
  • Max Borders, author of best-sellers The Social Singularity and Underthrow: Why Jefferson’s Dangerous Idea Will Spark a New Revolution,
  • Aleksandar Svetski, author of the best-seller UnCommunist Manifesto and the upcoming Bushido of Bitcoin, and
  • Dennis Consorte author of the best-seller Back After Burnout.

Including essays by these libertarian thought leaders:

  • Daniel Donnelly, “Consent of the Governed”,
  • Irene Mavrakakis, “Medical Freedom”,
  • Russell O. Paige, “I Don’t Think Any Kind of Advertising Should Be Banned”,
  • Adolfo Jiminez, “Doing the County’s Business”,
  • J. Stratton Lobdell, “The Federal Bureaucracy Cannot Serve the American People”,
  • Joel Extine, “Our Abusive Relationship With Government”, and
  • Mike ter Maat, “A Gold New Deal”.

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“Whereas the federal government in our Founders’ time was an entity with which few Americans dealt except in certain industries like import/export, nowadays our children read school textbooks directly approved by the federal government, and you can’t even fly a hobby drone over your own property without the federal government demanding an aviation license.”

– Daniel Donnelly

“The current DEI initiative is just another example of corporate and government bloat. This is the unwieldy reality of our current federal government and of the businesses that feed off of it while slavishly parroting the talking points of the bureaucratic ideologues that push agendas for their own benefit. The diversity agenda is merely a way to add to the bloat by adding politically advantageous functionaries to the system who will never rock the system on which their salaries depend.”

– Stratton Lobdell

“It’s time for a Gold New Deal, a fundamentally different relationship between Americans and what we will tolerate in our government, from which all we ask is an unimpeded shot at the American dream. To the rest of the world, we pledge a Gold New Deal in which America is a stronger partner in the pursuit of peace, independence and self-rule, free trade and free travel, wealth and health and happiness and freedom.”

– Mike ter Maat

“The government should have no role in the censorship of medical or scientific discussions, as science, as we know, is never settled. Debate and discourse in the scientific community are normal, expected, and healthy. In the end, patients alone must decide with informed consent.”

– Irene Mavrakakis

“The most libertarian form of capitalism is entrepreneurial, where there is no state intervention and no barriers to entry for new players. Unfortunately, when a system of large corporations interacts with powerful governing bodies, you end up with a corporatocracy controlled by cronies that have too much power over individuals. Through legislation, they create barriers to entry that prevent smaller companies from competing while also creating legislation that protects their profits.”

– Dennis Consorte

“When people can overcome the self-created manifestations of their own ego to bring joy to others with whose beliefs and lifestyles they may not agree, just for the sake of others, and then take it one step further and allow freedom regardless of those beliefs and lifestyles without fear of condemnation by their own tribe, then we can change our relationship with our government. But not until then.”

– Joel Extine

“As prophesied in President George W. Bush’s signing statement, the Supreme Court struck down portions of the McCain-Feingold law – portions that any astute middle school civics student could recognize as impermissible restrictions of free speech.

– Russ Paige

“Changing our relationship to power takes courage. Think about how the American Founders felt with their quills poised nervously over Jefferson’s Revolutionary Declaration. Courage, after all, is not the absence of fear but finding the will to take action despite your fear.”

– Max Borders

“Most of us are forced to stay, and so have no choice but to repair the relationship with our government. We do that with books like this one circulating freely in the world, challenging people to question their own thoughts and beliefs.”

– Joel Extine

“Somewhere along the line, Americans stopped being bold. We became convinced that the only way to maintain our standard of living and our security was by paying for these things with the most important currency we have, our liberty. My fear is that too many of us don’t see this and so we continue on down the slippery slope and we won’t know where we’re going until we get there.”

– Adolfo Jiminez

“The vast majority of Americans believe taxation is not just okay, but required. They believe taxation is the only way to having a civilized society. Well, if we don’t show them otherwise. They are correct. We must show them otherwise.”

– Larry Sharpe