Medical Freedom

Medical Freedom: Separation of Science and State

COVID, China, & America

Americans’ right to bodily autonomy and the right to informed consent are bedrock principles of medical freedom, a basic civil liberty. It has been undermined by the encroachment of government into areas of economics and science. I believe we need a complete separation of science and state to become as time-honored a tradition in America as the separation of church and state.

Seven Actions

As President of the United States, I will . . .

  1. Work with Congress to pass a 28th constitutional amendment to the constitution for medical freedom.
  2. Repeal HR5546, the 1986 law that removed product liability for vaccines and the PREP Act that removed product liability for the makers of COVID vaccines and biologics.
  3. Withdraw from the WHO and oppose the proposed international binding IHR treaty that would hand over medical decisions to a corrupt global entity.
  4. Eliminate payments from CMS for vaccinating healthcare workers and patients and eliminate CMS authority to mandate healthcare worker medical procedure.
  5. Eliminate the CDC, to remove the regulatory capture by the pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Remove HHS from serving in the competing roles as a promoter of vaccines and the safety monitor.
  7. Ensure the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, including the elimination of interference with use of off-label medications.

What is a Libertarian attitude?

  • If you ridicule others’ personal choices, you have an authoritarian streak suggesting the rest of us should be skeptical of your bona fides for participating in a discussion of libertarian public policy. Check yourself.
  • We battle for everyone’s right to not wear a mask.  This fight is advanced no more by making fun of those who wear masks than our fight to secure everyone’s Second Amendment rights is advanced by ridiculing those who choose not to carry.
  • If you enjoy ridiculing people for making personal choices that differ from your own, beware: that gun may eventually be turned against you.
  • People whose personal choices differ from your own are not your enemy. A state that suppresses the ability for such differences to exist is your enemy. Now how do you feel about the differences?
  • Being anti-mask-mandate is libertarian.  Being against someone else’s decision to wear a mask is anti-libertarian. Being anti-vaccine-mandate is libertarian.  Being against someone else’s decision to take a vaccine is anti-libertarian. Being anti-gun-control is libertarian.  Being against someone else’s decision to not carry is anti-libertarian.

Here we go again!

  • We must stand against the government using this new wave of COVID to steal your freedom!
  • Standing against lockdowns and mandates takes more than Tweets.  I was hammering these issues during my Congressional campaign.  Campaigning is harder than Tweeting – it costs a lot of time, a lot of money and sometimes a lot of friends.

Before it was cool!

I have been against government intervention since before it was cool even in the LP to be against government intervention. The following are excerpts from what I wrote about lockdowns in April 2020, in the attached white paper which was circulated in Florida.  I do not believe there was such a detailed analysis of the issue anywhere in America at the time.

Read the White Paper

  • Say what you will about how a governor sees the trade-off of our liberty and our health; as for me, give me liberty or give me death.
  • Early estimates of the cost to implement a suppression strategy range up to a third of national income for whatever period of time we are in lockdown (about $140 billion per week). As libertarians, we believe this trade-off defines liberty and should be left to us each to weigh and to decide.
  • Erosion in democratic institutions has already taken place in more than one nation, portending ratcheting-up of authoritarian government control. While such cases are sometimes quite bald-faced power grabs by strongman rulers, power is more often ceded to governments organically out of fear.
  • This author, as a police officer, has observed with dismay the frequency with which people are willing to invite enforcement action against their fellow citizens for perceived violations of shelter-in-place orders, business closures, social distancing, and even mask wearing.
  • The President has argued that he has absolute authority over individual states to issue shelter-in-place orders, a claim he walked back before testing. While governors have bristled at what they perceived as usurpation of their authority, they themselves certainly have not been particularly encumbered by the Constitution.
  • New Jersey governor Phil Murphy, having earlier allowed the arrest of fifteen men at a funeral in a synagogue in April, dismissed questions regarding his authority to shut down religiousgatherings with “I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this,” as though that were a defense of his position, as though there were a crisis exception written into our Constitution.
  • Cuomo seems, oddly for an American politician, out of step with public sentiment regarding economic liberty since his March 20 executive order. When Cuomo said “The illness is death” and asked rhetorically “What is worse than death?”  He sounded unaware that this is a question answered by thousands of patriotic and religious martyrs over the ages, most typically with some version of liberty.
  • Cuomo demonstrated a complete misconception of liberty with his follow-up, “The illness is maybe my death as opposed to your death. Yeah, it’s your life, do whatever you want. But you’re not responsible for my life . . . It’s not all about you; it’s about me, too.” So, notwithstanding that indeed we are supposed to let people do whatever they want in a constitutional republic, the governor effectively overrules liberty as being more selfish than a government mandate to avoid health risk. This is asserted notwithstanding the fact that this health risk could be substantially mitigated by individuals choosing to shelter themselves in place without a government fiat.
  • Apparently, the governor feels that liberty is defined by what the State of New York allows its citizens, and therefore it is acceptable for the state, for him, to decide what the balance should be between the cost of economic shutdown and the risks to public health, and disagreement with his fiat must be based on selfishness.

the covid regime

If you feel good about the federal government’s handling of COVID, prepare to have your feelings hurt. This important presentation by our campaign advisor Dr. Irene Mavrakakis is unsettlingly on point.

china lockdowns

It has been noted that the ideologies of the world’s governments drift toward each other over time. Optimists used to expect China to be headed toward reform. But don’t we now more realistically have to ask: Is this America’s future?

china protests

Protests have erupted in China over COVID restrictions.

Vaccine-only messaging

“..of the 800,000 people that we are told died from Covid, 640,000 could have..been saved..had mandated early treatment with these proven methods been used.”

Thanks to campaign advisor Dr. Irene Mavrakakis for referencing this important article: “COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?”

pro-china censorship

Kowtowing to China’s demand to throttle coverage of the COVID protests there is un-American. Ostensibly US companies Apple and YouTube are not classically liberal organizations. They are effectively censoring and therefore legally publishers who should no longer be protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which gives special status to censors and must be ended as written.

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Under the Gold New Deal, no government authority will exist to regulate control of an adult individual’s body . . .