About The Campaign

Mike ter Maat for President

Mike ter Maat

Austrian-School Economist & Pro-Reform Police Officer

Mike campaigned in 2021-22 as the Libertarian Party candidate in the January special Congressional election in Florida’s District 20. He served as a police officer in Broward County from 2010 through 2021 as a registered libertarian.

Mike’s prior career in finance and economics included work with banks as a commercial loan officer, the White House Office of Management and Budget as a financial economist, and as a consulting economist to three other federal and international agencies in the field of economic development.

From 1992 through 2002, Mike was an advocate in Washington for free markets in the financial services industry. In 2002, he started a professional education business for bank executives which he successfully ran until 2009, including conferences, webcasting, and strategic consulting.

Mike has traveled through thirty-five countries, taught economics at three universities and substituted at dozens of Broward public schools. He has one wife, two kids and two stepdaughters, two dogs and one truck, a BS in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and MS and PhD degrees in Economics from The George Washington University.

To the Land of Oz and back

Meet The Team

Dennis Consorte E-Campaign Director

Dennis Consorte

E-Campaign Director

Email Dennis@MiketerMaat.com

Former campaign manager for Larry Sharpe for Governor. Commercial and political consultant in digital marketing, operations and project management with expertise in driving engagement and converting online audiences into supporters.

Gabrielle Cordova Outreach Director

Gabrielle Cordova

Outreach Director

Email Gabrielle@MiketerMaat.com

Former development director for the Libertarian National Committee. Former public relations manager for Larry Sharpe for Governor in New York.

Evan Murphy Social Media Manager

Evan Murphy

Social Media Manager

Email Evan@MiketerMaat.com

Former social media manager for Mike ter Maat for Congress (FLCD20). Former campaign team member for Dean Heller for Senate from Nevada.

Michael Smith Affiliate Liaison

Michael Smith

Advisory Chairman

Email Smith@MiketerMaat.com

Former chair of the LP of Broward, Florida. Former campaign manager for Mike ter Maat for Congress (FLCD20) and campaign team member for Merceydes Morassi for Broward School Board. Local coordinator for Jorgensen-Cohen campaign.

Scott Nicholson - Affiliate Liaison

Scott Nicholson

Affiliate Liaison

Email Scott@MiketerMaat.com

Campaign Manager for Merceydes Morassi for Broward County School Board (2022) and member of the executive committee of the LP of Broward County, Florida. Known as the Accountant by trade, Scott has served as Deputy Campaign Manager for Barry Silver for Florida House (D88, 2000), Campaign Volunteer for Bob Barr for President (2008) and Campaign Volunteer for Mike ter Maat for Congress (Florida D20, 2022).

Catrina Rocco - Event Liaison

Catrina Rocco

Event Liaison

Email Catrina@MiketerMaat.com

Chair and former acting secretary of the Dutchess County Libertarian Party in New York. Former committee woman and calendar administrator for the Dutchess County Republican Party. Former volunteer for state senator Sue Serino and county comptroller candidate Ola Neshewat Hawatmeh.

Landon Cahow - Web Manager

Landon Cahow

Web Manager

Email  Landon@MiketerMaat.com
Twitter @LandonCahow

IT Manager for LP-Broward and LP-Palm Beach. Broward County precinct captain for the Ron Paul 2006 presidential campaign. Former IT project manager for non-profits Downsize DC and the Zero Aggression Project. Landon is a commercial and political web development specialist and marketing consultant.

Lemichael Wilson - Media Project Manager

Lemichael Wilson

Media Project Manager

Email Lemichael@MiketerMaat.com

The Libertarian Party’s gubernatorial candidate in Tennessee in 2022. Former LPTN vice chairman, LP-Shelby County chairman and LPTN-Memphis Region chairman as well as president of his local Rotary Club, vice president of his local parent association and member of his local teacher union. Lemichael is an ordained pastor who has founded many outreach ministries and directed several ministerial music programs.

Joel Extine

Joel Extine

Volunteer Coordinator


Chairman, Libertarian Party of Warren County, Kentucky. Joel is a retired Marine and a former volunteer for the Jorgensen/Cohen campaign. Joel and his wife, who is the LP-Kentucky vice-chair, enjoy working with organizations that support a higher level of consciousness in politics

Wendi Szcabo - Affiliate Liaison

Wendi Szabo

Affiliate Liaison

Email Wendi@MiketerMaat.com

Libertarian Party candidate for town council in Royalton, NY. Wendi is an activist for Second Amendment rights and criminal justice reform who has represented this campaign at local events and is currently homeschooling her daughters.

David Roberson - Volunteer Coordinator

David Roberson

Volunteer Coordinator

Email David@MiketerMaat.com

Secretary of the LP-Travis County, Texas, Legislative Liaison LP-Texas and alternate to the LNC bylaws committee. David is a civil litigation & tax attorney who founded the Baylor Democrats and served as a director of the ACLU@South Texas College of Law. He volunteered for the Obama presidential campaigns, ran as the LP candidate for the Texas state house (District 49) and is an LP Lifetime Member.

Irene Mavrakakis

Dr. Irene Mavrakakis, M.D.

Project Manager

Email Irene@MiketerMaat.com
Twitter @IreneMavrakakis

Co-founder of Liberty Speaks, the Delaware Initiative for Science and Ethics, and the LP Christian Caucus and vice-chair of LP-Delaware, chair of LP-Kent County, Executive Director for Free and Equal Elections, and an organizer of the Rage Against the War Machine rally. In her medical practice, Irene is an interventional spine and musculoskeletal specialist, and a staunch advocate for medical freedom, bodily autonomy, and informed consent.

Lee Korotzer - Volunteer Coordinator

Lee Korotzer

Volunteer Coordinator

Email Lee@MiketerMaat.com

Director at large and former regional representative for LP-Florida. Former LP-Broward executive committee member and volunteer for Mike ter Maat for Congress. Lee is a recently retired project manager in the financial services industry and health services software developer.

Theo "TJ" Koskin

Theo “TJ” Kosin

Gear Manager & Local Candidate Liaison

Email Theo@MiketerMaat.com

Founder of Porcupingear.com, providing high-quality merchandise for libertarians. Web developer, assisting libertarian candidates through the “Run as a Libertarian” platform. TJ serves as the secretary of the LP National Candidate Support Committee. He and his wife Brittany organize the annual Kidsfest event in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and TJ is a former firefighter and EMT.

Our Campaign Advisory Team

Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis

Intelligence Advisor

Treasurer of LP-Virginia’s CD7, chair of LP-Fredericksburg and former Libertarian candidate for the Virginia state house. A retired Marine, Tim serves on two boards of directors for non-profit organizations and works as a senior intelligence advisor for a federal acronym.

Tara Fisher Event Manager

Tara Fisher

Chair of South Jersey LP

Email Tara@MiketerMaat.com

Chair of the South Jersey LP and vice president of membership for the NJLP. Founder of Defend the Guard – NJ.  Former LP Congressional candidate (NJ CD6) and coordinator for New Jersey LP Congressional candidates. Former campaign manager for Gregg Mele for Congress (NJCD6) and campaign team member for the Gregg Mele gubernatorial campaign.

John Paff

John Paff

LP-Florida, Region 12 Representative

John has been recognized as a leading advocate for government transparency in published articles titled “The Man Who Makes Sure Government Works – Right Out in the Open,” “The Transparency Guru of New Jersey” and “How John Paff Relentlessly Pursues the Public’s Right to Know.” John is an inductee to the NJ State Open Government Freedom of Information Hall of Fame. He blogs on “NJ Open Government Notes,” is the Region 12 Representative for LP-Florida and is a past president of the Middlebush Volunteer Fire Department.

Jim Turney

Jim Turney

Elected Commissioner of Altamonte Springs, Florida

Three times elected city commissioner of Altamonte Springs and former candidate for US Congress (VA-3). Jim was twice elected chairman of the LP National Committee and served as LNC regional representative and at-large LNC representative. He is a former director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and cofounder of the International Society for Individual Liberty. Jim is veteran of the US Army in which he served as an air traffic controller.

Stratton Lobdell

Stratton Lobdell

LP Affiliate Founder

Founder and EC member of the LP of Pender County NC, member of the Cape Fear LP and an activist in the founding of other nearby LP county affiliates. Stratton has campaigned for Jacob Hornburger, Spike Cohen and Steve DiFiore. When he was fired from a Fortune 500 company for declining to disclose his COVID shot status, Stratton launched his business finding ways to get as much money as possible from the state sponsored monopoly utilities and funneling it into job training, improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency in low-income communities in the Southeast.

Danny Donnelly

Daniel Donnelly

Past Chairman LP-Dutchess County, NY

Daniel has traveled to represent this campaign in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He campaigned for Larry Sharpe in 2018 and 2022 and of course the Ron Paul in 2008!

Russ Paige

Russ Paige

Intellectual Property Attorney

Past activist for non-governmental solutions in baseball stadium construction projects in California and campaigner for Ken Cuccinelli for governor of Virginia. Russ led this campaign’s investigatory visit to the Arizona-Mexico border to meet with law enforcement, CBP, border ranchers and libertarian leaders.

John Thompson

John Thompson

Vice Chair, Public Advisory Committee, Port of Fort Pierce

John is a former member of the LP National Platform Committee. Within the Libertarian Party of Florida, John has served as Director At-Large, Regional Representative, Audit Committee Chairman, Platform Committee Chairman and Candidates Committee Chairman. He has served Palm Beach & St Lucie Counties Chairman, Palm Beach Director At-Large and St Lucie County Treasurer. John volunteered for a winning Republican Congressional campaign in 2002 and for the College Republicans in 2001.

Dan Cardwell

Dan Cardwell

Attorney, Financial Services

Executive Committee Member, Libertarian Party of Broward County, Florida. Dan is a long-time activist for bodily autonomy and LP evangelist. Volunteer for Mike ter Maat for Congress.

Adolfo Jimenez

Adolfo Jimenez

Serial Entrepreneur

Former Vice Chairman of the Broward County, Florida, LP and volunteer for Mike ter Maat for Congress. Founder of the libertarian blog Liberty Drip. Adolfo is a former Republican Party operative, having worked for several campaigns from county commission to George W. Bush. Founder of the Broward Hispanic Republican Party and chairman of several local Republican clubs.

Joshua Hlavka

Joshua Hlavka

Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida

Host of the Swamp Creatures podcast, Josh has served as vice chair of the LP-Florida, volunteer for Mike ter Maat for Congress and member of the executive committee of the LP of Broward County.

Eric Waterman

Eric Waterman

Head & Neck Surgeon

Repeatedly voted “Top Doctor,” by Seattle Met and Seattle Magazines, past president of the Northwest Academy of Otolaryngology and formerly chief of staff at Valley Medical Center in Seattle. Eric is an active libertarian fundraiser and frequent attendee of LP state affiliate conventions on behalf of this campaign.

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