EVENT: Defend The Guard Gala

October 15 l 6pm: Delta Hotel, Somerset, NJ

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Roanoke Valley Libertarians

October 12 l 7pm at RT Smith’s Delicatessen: 10 Campbell Ave. SW Roanoke, VA 24011

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Harford County Libertarians

October 11 l 6:30pm at Uncle Keiki’s Hawaiian Grindz, Fallston, Maryland

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Liberty Speaks

October 9 l 3pm at Castle Hall, Goldsboro, Maryland

EVENT: Freedom Fire Fest

October 8 l Nineteenth Restaurant: Hampstead, North Carolina 

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: South Jersey Libertarian Party

October 6 l 7pm at the Silver Coin Diner, in Hammonton, New Jersey

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Libertarian Party of New Castle, Delaware

October 3 l 7pm Route 9 Library & Innovation Center, New Castle, DE

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Libertarian Party of South Carolina Convention 

October 1 l 12:30pm at Beef O’Brady’s on Hard Scrabble Road in Columbia

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia

September 30 l 6pm Arlington Rooftop, Arlington, VA

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Dutchess County Libertarian Party Convention

September 24 l 3pm: Hyatt House, Fishkill, NY

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: LP-Navarro County Meeting

September 22 l 5:30pm: Sirloin Stockade, in Corsicana, TX

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: LP-Montgomery County, Texas

September 21 l 6:00pm Cilantro’s in Spring, Texas

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Libertarian Party of Bexar, Texas

September 20 l 7:00pm Blanco BBQ, North Central San Antonio

EVENT: Libertarian Party New York Convention

September 17 l 12:30pm: Sheraton Niagara Falls 

VIDEO: Mike Ter Maat vs Jasmine Herman

August 29, 2022 

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Delaware County of Pennsylvania Libertarian Party

August 17, 2022 l 7pm Miller’s Ale House, Springfield, Pennsylvania

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Kent County, Delaware LP

August 13, 2022 l 5pm- Milford, DE. Arena’s Restaurant

VIDEO: Interview- LNC’s Connor Nepomuceno on the Federal Reserve System for the LP

July 26, 2022 

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Pender County of North Carolina Libertarian Party

July 21, 2022 l 7pm

PHOTOS: Meet the Candidate: Libertarian Party of Kosciusko County Indiana Meeting

July 10, 2022 l 6pm-8pm

VIDEO: Meet the Candidate: Libertarian Party of Michigan Convention- Panel Discussion

July 9, 2022 l 1:00pm

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Fox Valley Wisconsin Libertarian Party Meeting

July 7, 2022 l 6:30pm

AUDIO – Long Live Alternative Parties

June 30, 2022

VIDEO – Rise to Liberty

June 27, 2022

EVENT: Libertarian Party Convention

May 25, 2022

VIDEO: Swamp Creatures 

April 29, 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Important Announcement

April 29, 2022

VIDEO: The Sharpe Way with Larry Sharpe

April 28, 2022

VIDEO: The Brian Nichols Show

April 28, 2022

VIDEO: Lessons Learned from the Campaign – libertarian messaging

March 15, 2022

ARTICLE: The Call of Duty: Will the Libertarian Party Capitalize on Emerging Opportunity?

February 29, 2022

VIDEO: Challenge to the LP

February 26, 2022

VIDEO: Candidate Send-Off at the Florida LP Convention

February 25, 2022

VIDEO: Lessons Learned from the Campaign – process and teamwork

February 22, 2022 

PHOTOS: Virginia Libertarian Party Convention

February 18-20 2022

ARTICLE: The New Segregation: Precursor to Illiberal Government

February 15, 2022

VIDEO: WZPP’s Mikey Mike

January 11, 2022

VIDEO: Joyce Kaufman Show

January 10, 2022

VIDEO: WZPP Reggae Station Interview

January 10, 2022

VIDEO: Candidate forum

January 9, 2022

VIDEO: Swamp Creatures Podcast

January 9, 2022

VIDEO: Real Life with Kadine Chambers

January 7, 2022

VIDEO: Contra Poder Interview

December 19, 2021

VIDEO: Palm Beach Post Endorsement Interview

December 16, 2021

VIDEO: Sun Sentinel Endorsement Excerpts

December 15, 2021

VIDEO: John Knox Village Forum

December 7, 2021

VIDEO: League of Women Voters Candidate Forum

December 7, 2021

VIDEO: Sun Sentinel Interview

December 1, 2021

VIDEO: Anti-Mandate Freedom Rally

November 22, 2021

VIDEO: Brian Nichols Show

November 4, 2021

VIDEO: Town Hall Candidate Forum

October 28, 2021

VIDEO: Faith in Flordia Palm Beach Candidates Forum

October 20, 2021

VIDEO: Race for the Races Interview

September 16, 2021

VIDEO: Titans of the Palm Beaches Interview

September 14, 2021

VIDEO: Florida Rising Candidate Forum

September 10, 2021

PHOTOS: Everglades Airboat Tour

September 4th, 2021

PHOTOS: Fundraiser with 2020 Vice Presidential Candidate, Spike Cohen

September 3rd, 2021

VIDEO: LPTV Highlights: Interview with Pat Ford

August 28, 2021

VIDEO: My Fellow Americans with Spike Cohen

August 25, 2021

VIDEO: Palm Beach County School Board Meeting

July 21, 2021

VIDEO: Mises Caucus Interview

June 29, 2021

VIDEO: Florida Libertarian Party Convention

June 28, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Police Reform 

June 2, 2021

VIDEO: Muddied Waters Podcast with Spike Cohen

May 25, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Mike ter Maat for Congress

May 17, 2021

PHOTOS: Pompano Beach Community Clean-Up

May 1, 2021

PHOTOS: Extreme Axe Throwing

April 27, 2021

VIDEO: The Sharpe Way with Larry Sharpe

April 26, 2021