Battlefield of Freedom

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Battlefield of Freedom September 30 l 7:30pm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

South Jersey Libertarian Party

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: South Jersey Libertarian Party October 6 l 7pm at the Silver Coin Diner, in Hammonton, New Jersey

Liberty Speaks

VIDEO: Meet the Candidate: Liberty Speaks October 9 l 3pm at Castle Hall, Goldsboro, Maryland 

Roanoke Valley Libertarians

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Roanoke Valley Libertarians October 12 l 7pm at RT Smith’s Delicatessen: 10 Campbell Ave. SW Roanoke, VA 24011

Lynchburg Area Libertarians

EVENT: Meet the Candidate: Lynchburg Area Libertarians November 1 l 7pm at the Monte Carlo Restaurant

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