Americans are ready for an uncompromisingly full-throated anti-war candidate.  There are no recent examples of U.S. government military intervention in my lifetime to which many Americans would point and say that that was worth the millions or billions or even trillions of dollars and the loss of life.   Whatever one might say about U.S. military prowess tactically – death and destruction, developing and moving assets, controlling people and territory – it cannot be said that our military accomplishments have contributed to America’s long-term strategic interests.

ending war

I would require every military intervention to be supported by a formal declaration of war, with the obvious exception of emergency defense measures.  Furthermore, I would require such declarations to be subjected to the approval of a majority of states.


Of the Russian war in Ukraine, by the way, it can no longer be fairly said that the U.S. military is merely in a proxy war.  The U.S. government is at war, full stop.  We have dedicated resources representing a significant fraction of the entire Russian annual military budget.  We are producing weapons specifically for Ukraine, not merely sending leftovers.   We have nearly 1,000 troops on the ground in advisory capacities.  And the President himself visited Kyiv – not a proxy-war gesture.

Under the Gold New Deal, our government will not be allowed to exert force without a court order, a declaration of war or an urgent matter of defense.

The executive’s authority to wage war will require both legislative and state approval under the Gold New Deal..

Russia’s war against Ukraine illustrates three ways in which America’s interests are undermined by our membership in NATO.

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